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Video of Planes 'Landing Parallel' at San Francisco Airport Is Pretty Cool to See

Think parallel parking into a tight spot is tricky? That's nothing. Try parallel landing an airplane!

If that sounds like a wild statement, we'd agree. However, seeing is believing, and photographer @jakeasnerphoto managed to capture an amazing video of two planes touching down at the San Francisco Airport at the same time, side by side!

Our eyes were glued to the screen watching this. We could not believe that these two planes landed alongside each other so close! These pilots definitely know their stuff!

It may seem like a tricky touchdown to us non-pilots, but it isn't actually all that uncommon. "Under the right conditions, we can land and depart 3 parallel rwys simultaneously at MEM [Memphis]. Cool to watch, but you have to know what you're doing," shared @chris_b_33, an air traffic controller himself.

"Why do they do this? People in them must be terrified 😅," wondered @2jz_rotary. "The runways are 750 ft apart. It's not dangerous and it wouldn't look so close if the video wasn't taken from so far away," explained @pipingcalcs. We had wondered if it was a trick of the eye that made them appear so close. Still, 750 ft isn't that much space for a commercial jet, so we still think these pilots pulled off an impressive touchdown!

Now that we know the "how" behind the parallel landing, we can focus on the important part: the obvious race the two pilots were running! "Alaska came in with the BUTTERRRR. Air Canada just slammed it down to say they were first," claimed @nathanialbisme. "Alaska: that’s Ok y’all still need to go through customs hahaha!" quipped @peevee98.

It turns out that the ATC might even have a bit of skin in the game! "Do the ATC controllers place bets on who’s gonna land first?" asked @nickatier. "ATC here, I don’t work for San Fran International but yes, yes we do occasionally lol," responded @imperial_s4. The gambling-filled world of air traffic controlling sure is a sordid one... we kid, we kid.

Pilots amaze us constantly. To gracefully direct literal tons of metal and machinery through the clouds for thousands of miles and bring it down safely, every day- that takes training, brains, and finesse. We're grateful for the amazing pilots who effortlessly pull off feats like this every day!