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Woman's Tips for Handling a Panic Attack on a Plane Are Going Viral

Flying triggers fear and anxiety in a lot of people. While by the numbers flying is the safest way to travel, there are still many reasons why it makes some people nervous. They've heard of horrible plane crashes, they're scared of heights or claustrophobic- whatever the reason, flying can be anxiety-inducing for some!

If you ever have a panic attack while flying, Jo Morton-Brown wants to help you. Going by @wearefl0urish on TikTok, Jo is a licensed mental health counselor who gives great advice in her videos, and in this one, she's going to show us just how to halt a panic attack while you're on a plane.

This is all excellent and helpful advice- not just for when you're on a plane, but for anytime you're having a panic or anxiety attack. They're tips designed to break you out of a spiraling headspace and find your baseline again.  We think videos like the ones that Jo makes are a valuable resource for anyone dealing with anxiety!

This opened up a lot of great discourse in the comments about other ways one can counter an attack."Am I the only one that can’t eat or drink when having anxiety/panic attack?" asked @vikkilisaxo. "I understand how difficult that may be for some people. Sometimes little sips help & tasting salt from a sachet may help some people ❤," Jo suggested.

"My old therapist once told me to take some wipes on a plane and wipe my face when feeling claustrophobic, it helped a lot 💖," shared @celvatore. "A stewardess gave me an ice cube and told me to keep it dry😂😂. To shift my focus. She helped me the entire flight. I was soo scared😳😳😳," recalled @mussethecat7.

That last comment is also a good reminder- don't forget that there are people on board the flight who can help you! User @erikachoquette spoke out herself: "Flight attendant here 🥰 please know that we are there to help , don"t be shy to let your flight attendant know ❤️🥰." They're trained to handle things like anxious flyers, and they can be a great resource if you're panicking. Just like Jo said replying to her, "You really are heroes!"

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