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Woman's Sunset 'Charcuterie Board' Paddleboarding Trip in Washington Is the Stuff of Dreams

There's nothing like getting out on the water on a warm summer's day. Many choose to engage in outdoor activities like kayaking, waterskiing, or paddleboarding to stay cool and stretch their muscles. Of course, this burns a lot of calories, and you might be left with the munchies by the day's end. If only there was a way to combine these activities with snack time...

TikTok user @p.riscillap must have had the same idea, because she took snacktime out on the water on her paddleboard! We're not talking about some plain old granola bar, either... she brought out a whole charcuterie board! It's quite the balancing act- literally- but it made for what looks like a luxurious end to a long day of paddleboarding!

OK, we could never do this- our attempts to copy her would probably end up getting waterlogged real fast. Still, Priscilla seems to be a master paddleboarder, and she's unfazed by her precarious situation. And hey, if you're in Seattle, there are worse ways to take in the sunset than floating out on Lake Union with a gourmet charcuterie board! Priscilla knows how to live! 

Like us, commenters were largely amazed by the balancing act alone. "One wave from someone’s boat and it’s a catastrophe," warned @itzdan00. "Definitely had some close calls there 😅," replied Priscilla. Yikes! "The amount of faith you have is incredible," remarked @tokisoffroadadventure. "Love this. But also feel like I would drop my entire charcuterie in the lake," admired @chill_1997_.

Others were just in awe of the gorgeous sunset scene. "Literally trying to find people to do this with 😭 beautiful shot of Lake Union!!" praised @colettios. "It's a bit extra, but I approve. Sunset paddleboarding on South Lake Union is a vibe," signed off @tvreeh. "The most Seattle thing ever 😁," quipped @leowynni. Hey, she's pulling it off!

This has changed the definition of charcuterie "board" for us. That said, we'll most likely take our charcuterie on the beach, thanks. Still, we admire Priscilla's style and skill!