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Serene Video Taken in the Pacific Northwest Reminds Us Why We Love It

Ahhhhhh the Pacific Northwest, we love it here, and how can one not? The PNW is best known for its dramatically stunning coastline, lush green forests, and spectacular snow-capped mountains. The beauty here is indescribable, not to mention the wine and whale watching along the coasts!

If serenity is what you're seeking, you'll certainly find lots of that here too! TikTok video creator @edgar51298 shares this tranquil clip of a mountain stream and the pureness of all of its natural attractiveness. Take a peek, do you feel like you've been instantly transported to Zen? We sure do!

TikTok fans love this video! We all need a little peace and quiet now and then to escape the craziness of the 'real world'! User @warpedsenseofhumor writes, "My inner childhood mermaid just came out." LOL, us too! We are ready to jump in, although we may need a wetsuit in those temps! Another fan @pacificnorthwesternerner says, "nothing like the beautiful Pacific Northwest." It really is such a unique and very special place. Commenter @vickierodriguez71 simply states, "WOW SUCH BEAUTY!!!" 

The Pacific Northwest boasts many independent towns that are the unique hosts to fabulous local cuisine, shopping, and world renowned outdoor adventures. We suggest a road trip and a game plan! Whatever's your fancy, you'll find it here. Don't forget to pack a camera, hiking boots, and plenty of light layers, oh and an appetite for tons of fresh air and activity. To complete your trip, you must book a whale watching excursion. We sure hope you are lucky enough to see these mammals up close and personal. Now that would be EPIC!