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Video of 'Hidden Gem' Overwater Bungalows in the Caribbean Saves a Trip to the Pacific

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let us transport you to your ultimate dream vacation. Picture yourself with a frozen fruity concoction, flip flops, bathing suits, salty ocean breezes, and 360 degrees of blue skies and the most magnificent turquoise waters imaginable  Overwater bungalows are certainly on many peoples bucket list. Their luxurious and jaw dropping accommodations are 'dreamlike' and stuff magazines are made of! 

Sound too good to be true? Nope. This exclusive, adults-only resort destination is closer than you think. Check out this video from TikTok creator @thetropicaltravelers. The Caribbean location will surprise you and will have you marking off the days on your calendar until your departure to paradise.

Welcome home to the Aruba Ocean Villas, where your experience will certainly be a memory maker! Whether it's an anniversary, engagement, wedding, or a romantic escape, Aruba Ocean Villas' attention to detail is on point and will transport you to fantasyland while still making you feel the comforts of home. From the mouth-watering dining establishments and relaxing spa experiences, to entertainment and island excursions activities available - they have it all covered! 

TikTok user @musicmamma says, "Well, inquiring minds would like to know," and trust us, we do too! We're already packing our suitcases! Another viewer, @lalaoconnor says, "Aruba Ocean Villas and the restaurant, The Old Man and the Sea, baby!! Been there and it’s gorge!" We want to go, too!! Everything looks so amazing. "My most favorite place," was simply stated by another TikTok viewer, @ohmagoshitstash. What a great compliment!

This wonderful destination is not as far as you think, so book your trip, pack your bags, and make your wildest dreams come true! It's better than any postcard or magazine photo you've ever seen! Sensory overload, here we come!