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Friends' Whirlwind Overnight Trip to Dublin Sounds Like a Total Blast

It's probably cheaper than going out on the east coast.

Sure, living in the United States means we can (usually) travel easily and relatively quickly from state to state. But living in Europe means being able to do the same... but to another country. Spend the day in London, then take a train to Paris — no big deal! 

While not always necessarily practical, that does mean that day trips to surrounding countries is possible, and these friends on TikTok made it happen. As @kittydenton_ shared in a video, she and her friend decided to spend their night out in Dublin instead of at home in England, and it looks like it was totally worth the extra effort. 

Their crazy plan was borne of the fact that hotels for the night were too expensive in Dublin, so they decided to avoid the need for a hotel in the first place. 

"We just flew to Dublin at 5 pm, had dinner, did a pub crawl, had some more food, got the bus to the airport, flew back and home in bed 10 am the next day," she explained in the video of footage of her and her friend giving the camera a thumbs up and laughing.

It sounds like a whirlwind trip, considering that it was less than 24 hours from start to finish, but it definitely sounds like a memory they won't forget. They'll be talking about this forever!

She did admit that it was pretty exhausting, though. In a comment, she admitted that they didn't sleep for 26 hours straight, adding, "had to run around a bit at 3 am to wake us up but it did kill us off for the rest of the week." 

We don't doubt that they definitely had to recover after this, but it must have been so much fun.