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Video of Majorly Overcrowded Water Park in China Makes Us Claustrophobic

With the insane heat this summer, everyone across the Northern Hemisphere is taking to the water in an effort to cool down. However, because pretty much everyone has the same idea, there's a lot of crowding in bathing areas, leading to scenes of packed rivers, beaches, and pools the world over.

Needless to say, the same is true of many waterparks, which are operating in full force right now. The TikTok account for @viceworldnews shared a video taken at the Heiyuhu Water Amusement Park in northern China, where literally thousands of people crammed into a giant wave pool! This scene is frankly claustrophobic.

This scene is staggering. Imagining being crowded against so many other people has us on the verge of an anxiety attack! Plus, with so many people in the water, you know that water can't even be cold or refreshing!

"You can't tell me that someone in there isn't drowning or scared 😳," observed @originaleverything. We definitely don't envy the lifeguards' jobs! That capacity can't be safe- not only is it impossible to monitor everyone, getting to a drowning person quickly would be very difficult as well. One user, @benrross, had a similar sentiment: "This is my nightmare as a lifeguard."

The scene is so packed and surreal that some didn't even realize it was a pool full of swimmers at first! "I thought that was Fruit Loops cereal 😂😂😂," remarked @shelley421. "LOLOL MY KID GOES, DONUTS! and clicked to watch 😂😂😂😂😂," laughed @marshall_2606_. LOL, sorry kid, wrong donuts.

Reportedly, the park claims that it has started limiting the number of guests it allows per day to mitigate the overwhelming crowds. Still, we hope that any guests of the Heiyuhu Water Park stay safe and choose their attractions wisely!

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