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Video of River in Texas Overcrowded With Hundreds of Floats Is Making People Cringe

What is it with so many videos of overcrowded rivers lately? With the insane temperatures we've been seeing lately, it seems that everybody's looking for a way to stay cool. However, this leads to a lot of crowding around bodies of water, leading to packed, stressful scenes like the one we have here today.

Our video today comes from the river country in central Texas- specifically New Braunfels, a town situated almost exactly halfway between San Antonio and Austin. The video's creator, TikTok user @loftinadventures, shares a video showing the Comal River Tube Chute packed with hundreds of floating tourists. The in-video text reads "As a New Braunfels local this is why I don't like to float the Comal River on weekends and holidays. It seems worse with the Guadalupe being so low." After seeing this sight, we don't blame him!

Wow. We don't see how the river would even be enjoyable there- it's simply too crowded to relax! We can see what he means about the water being low. There's a severe drought affecting a lot of Texas currently, and the water table is much lower than normal. Still, people are squeezing into the little water there is!

There's also another concerning aspect of this video... "...not one person getting out to use the restroom 😂" noticed @froggy3773. "I feel attacked.. 😂" replied @loftinadventures. You feel attacked...because you have a guilty conscience? With all those people there? Say it ain't so!

To New Braunfels locals though, this crowded (and possibly smelly) scene is nothing new. "As a fellow native to NB, I agree 100%," commented @michelles0922. "That's why my family and I stay off the river and lake in canyon lake, too many tourists," said @texrttlsnk. Many commenters remarked that this is likely the tail end of the summer rush, and will slow down when school starts again.

So what's the trick to beating the rush if we want to float down the Comal in peace? @loftinadventures advises us: "only Mon-Wed and before noon." Keep that in mind if you make a trip to New Braunfels this summer!

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