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Video of Overcrowded River in Germany With Thousands of Swimmers Is Going Viral

The Danube River is one of the most important waterways in all of Europe. It is Europe's second longest river, flows through 12 different countries, and was instrumental in the political, commercial, and economic development of many European countries throughout the ages. It has inspired many works of art, including the classic "Blue Danube" waltz by Strauss. And it retains its cultural relevance to this day, drawing countless tourists to its shores each year.

The downside of the river's massive draw, however, is that its beaches can quickly fill up, making the prospect of swimming there a much less relaxing one. This leads to crowded scenes like this one here, captured on video by TikTok user @michael.hoffmann in Ulm, Germany.

My goodness! There's barely room to turn around in that packed water! What could be drawing all those bathers to the water in such large groups? Could it be the insane recent heat wave that's been tearing through Europe?As it turns out, this is all part of a local tradition in Ulm! This video was taken at the Nabada, a traditional river parade done every July in Ulm. Each year hundreds of participants take to the waters and float down 7 km of the river.

Despite the context, however, most viewers were freaked out by this sight! With over 14 million views, this clip went viral, and just as people flocked to the river in Ulm, TikTok users flocked to the comments to express their shock!

"Introverts having panic attacks just watching this 😂" commented @sagedaf. "The water can't breath," joked @faithhopejoy5. And one user even put a pretty nasty thought into our heads with this comment: "Where the bathroom? You're looking at it 😳." Ewwwww.

We hope that the residents of Ulm enjoyed and continue to enjoy their yearly tradition. That said, we're content to just watch from the banks, thanks.

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