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Theme Park Fan Shares How to get Unlimited Free Food at 'Universal Studios'

From butter beer to Krusty Burgers, there's a lot of deliciousness for you to chow down on and sip on as you walk through Universal Studios Orlando. That said, nobody likes the part where you have to pay up theme-park prices for the food and drink. But what if you could enjoy an all-you-can-eat experience at Universal without once reaching for your wallet?

You're in luck- there's a special event coming up very soon that lets visitors do just that! Theme park enthusiast @thsismaxkennedy lets his viewers in on the sweet details.

WHOA! A theme park meetup where the best rides are open, most of the restaurants are open with all-you-can-eat service, and perhaps the best part- you don't have to deal with massive crowds like you do during an average day. With thinned-out crowds and shorter wait times, you can hop on your favorite rides again and again!

Of course, we've got to talk ticket prices. While food and drink might be free once you're through the gate, you've still got to buy your way in. So what's the damage?

 "$229/239 for one night, $348 for 2 nights. Sounds like a lot, but with the admission and food it more than pays for it," Max explains. For perspective, an average day ticket is $109-159 depending on the season. That may be a bit more pricey, but for all the free food and drink, and the perks of having smaller crowds, it sounds like a deal! And in case you were worried about getting seriously shorted on hours there with the evening opening... " can get in as early as 5 and the Saturday event we went to was from 9-1:30am. So at most 8 1/2hrs," Max adds. Not bad!

"If all the food is free, why do you need the gift card?" asked @nickchagrin. "For alcoholic drinks and food outside of the park at the resorts and CityWalk," Max replied. So sweet, even more perks!

People who've done it loved it. "I did it this past year, I don’t think I can ever do the parks normally again," attested @_alwayshelen. "We went last month and I drank too much butterbeer that I was literally peeing every 15 minutes," shared @mountford14. LMAO!

The next Orlando Informer Meetup will be Feb. 3-4, 2023. Tickets are limited, so if you want to grab yours, you can do so on their website here

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