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Model's Funny Parody of Trying to Call Hotel Room Service Is Going Viral

It's just so odd to have to call for anything these days.

Though making phone calls is something that some of us have to do on a daily basis — at least for work — it's become far less frequent in recent years than it once was. Now, it seems like everything can be done via text message or app, and that includes traveling. So many big hotel chains now allow guests to check in online and get a key right on their phone without ever stopping by the front desk, and ordering room service is through the app, too.

But not every hotel has jumped on board with this more tech forward way of doing things, and that does not help make ordering room service any less awkward. In fact, if you've never stopped to think about how truly awkward ordering room service is, allow this TikTok video from model @thecarolinelowe to really drive that point home. 

In the video, we can see her do something that is going to be highly relatable for a lot of people watching this video: She practices her order out loud several times, trying to hype herself up, before she actually picks up the phone to do it. And then, of course, once she does actually call, she says, "I'm a sandwich" instead of the line she practiced.

Oh, we've all been there. And in the comments, plenty of people shared that they could relate, with some even admitting that they refuse to make phone calls like this one.

"I'll go to bed hungry if there's no online ordering option," one person commented.

Let this just be a message to all the hotels out there who haven't yet jumped on the app train. The time to do it is now. Please spare us all this awkwardness!