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Traveler's Emotional Reaction to Seeing Orca Whales in Washington Is Full of Pure Joy

Whale watching is a really cool activity for wildlife enthusiasts and ocean lovers alike. Sometimes on a whale watching trip, you don't get lucky and don't see very much out in the water. Other times though, you can experience something truly incredible. One traveler got very very lucky and was treated to the ultimate whale watching experience of her life.

TikTok user @travelwithdelaney loves whales, especially orcas. While she was visiting the San Juan Islands in Washington, she wanted to see if she couldn't spot some of them swimming around. Delaney didn't know how luck she'd be... not only did she find her orcas, she got to see a whole pod of them!

Her joyous, awestruck reaction truly says it all. We're blown away by the sight ourselves- they get so close to her cliff, and even spout water up into the air as the pass! Delaney added in the comments: "Dreams do come true 🌟 best day of my life! Had to tell myself to shut up because I was losing it." We can tell this was a magical moment for her, and we're so glad she got to live her dream.

"100% the reaction I’d have too. I will cry the first time I see any whale or pod of orcas in the wild! They are my favorite animals!" @jypsyjeepher empathized. "This is how it was for me recently when I was surrounded by two pods of dolphins in NC," shared @freyaluna09. Oh my god, that sounds amazing.

"My father was quartermaster of a WA State ferry not far from there. Part of his job was spotting them and calling in their locations. One year he had the first sighting of a new baby! He knew the different pods and individuals on sight. So cool," recounted @libbyloowoo. That's incredible! What a lucky man their father must have been.

Delaney's orca encounter was truly a one-of-a-kind moment. We're so glad she got to experience it, and we hope that all avid whale watchers get to experience something as wonderful as this some day.