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Open-Air Scenic Train Ride Near Yosemite Looks Too Good to Miss

Yosemite National Park, and the lands surrounding it, are renowned for their stunning beauty, and hikers can track through miles of gorgeous mountains and imposing forests. But what if you're not big on hiking, but still want to enjoy those gorgeous views? Simple- you take a train ride!

The official @visitcalifornia TikTok account shared a video showing off the ride on the Yosemite Sugar Pine steam train, which takes its guests on a scenic ride near Yosemite. This was a cool surprise- we had no idea this existed before today! This is no ordinary train, though, either- check it out.

This ain't no plain-Jane train- it's a completely open air experience! What a great way to experience the outdoors- you get the fresh clean air, bright sunshine, and unobstructed views, all while taking the load off and resting your tired feet!

Naturally, people were all over this scenic train trip, but we were left with one important question. "Can we bring our dog?? His name’s Yosemite and we want him to meet the place we named him after," asked @melxconlan. "Yes, dogs are welcome aboard as well. I'm sure he'll love it," responded @visitcalifornia. So heads up to those who travel with their furry friends- there's paw-lenty of room aboard the Yosemite Sugar Pine for everyone!

Former riders of the rails reminisced on their Yosemite Sugar Pine experience. "Did the moon light ride a week ago," shared @ginacrooks643. My goodness, we can only imagine how beautiful that trip would be under a full moon. "Last time we went it snowed on us during the ride ☺️," recalled @amrioth. That sounds magical- just so long as you're bundled up for it!

We are so thrilled about discovering this absolute gem! This is one train ride that looks too good to miss!