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Video of People Paying Their Respects at Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Star Is So Touching

We still cannot believe she's gone.

After the heartbreaking news that Olivia Newton John has died at 73 after battling breast cancer for 30 years, fans of this Hollywood legend have been mourning the massive loss. It's hard to believe that this talented performer is no longer with us, and people — both celebrities and fans alike — have been coming forward to share what she means to them.

And now, we know that people are coming from all over to pay their respects, too. In a TikTok video from user @pose4junior, we can see that Olivia's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is now totally covered in stars as a way to memorialize the late actress. 

This is beautiful to see.

There was never any doubt that Olivia had so many devoted fans, but it really is beautiful to see the way they've come forward to decorate her star after her death. If only she could see it now! And the fact that "Hopelessly Devoted to You" is playing in the background of the video is enough to make us cry.

"As an Australian from Melbourne I am so pleased how loved our Olivia was. It is a shared sadness we all feel," one fan commented on the video. 

"She had an amazing life and has left an amazing legacy behind," another person added. 

Olivia Newton John is gone but never forgotten. Maybe we should all watch Grease this weekend to remember how talented she really was. 

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