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Woman's Visit to the 'Oldest Cafe in the World' in Venice Is Nothing Short of Magical

One thing that surprises many Americans about visiting other countries is how far back the history of many countries goes. The United States is a relatively young country, while many nations and cultures throughout the world have existed for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. With such long histories, many smaller locations and institutions have stood the test of time as well.

That's why something as simple as a cafe can be so fascinating for a history buff. When Brittany Allyn of the TikTok travel account @thirtywaves visited Venice, Italy, she stopped into a cafe- but this was no ordinary cafe. Caffé Florian, which has existed since 1720, claims to be the "Oldest Cafe in the World."

Despite the cafe's extraordinary age, it doesn't look any worse for wear. The interior is gorgeous and sumptuously decorated- anyone visiting the cafe for a bite must feel like royalty sitting there! And her breakfast looked divine, too- we guess a cafe can't stay in business for over 300 years without excellent food and coffee!

"Been there and it is perfectly Venezia," agreed @501beachway. Truly, this cafe captures the timeless historic glamour of the city. "I love Cafe Florián. Their teapots trays in silver, curated teas, huge ice creams and musicians playing classical music live. The best!!" admired @grazzianapet. "Yes been there!!! You can close ur eyes, and imagine the 1700s or 1800s !!! Magnificent!" @souplover09 reminisced. Amazing... what a trip back through time that must be.

While Caffé Florian is by no mean's Venice's oldest attraction, the fact that it has remained in operation for centuries despite the chaotic tumult of history, including surviving through two world wars, is incredible! Truly a gem for anyone hoping to one day pay a visit to Venice!