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Video of the 'Oldest Residential Street' in England Couldn't Be More Charming

This charming small town located in England's smallest city claims to have the oldest residential street in the country. This quaint and gorgeous street is supposedly over 650 years old. Some even say it's the only medieval street still existing on the continent. The street was believed to be constructed during the 14th century, and most homes that still remain there are well intact with original integrity.... (of course everything always needs a little TLC)! We do love how history is so well-preserved in England.

TikTok creator @explorefordays shows us this beautiful street. Don't you want to walk the cobblestones, sip a hot tea, and enjoy a scone on a sunny afternoon? Let's go!

Vicars Close, Wells England is the location of this lovely, famous attraction. It's most definitely worth a visit. There are gardens to explore, churches, and even a historic library. TikTok user @djswaleswritesbooks writes, "Was just there. Loved it. It’s the oldest 100% intact and continuously inhabited residential-only street in Europe." Another simple comment says it all from user @sophiejb2: "I’m in love." So are we! "I wanna dress up in old clothes and do a photo shoot," says TikTok viewer @life_of.lizzie. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

This should be a definite bookmark for your next trip to England. Turn the clocks back in time and experience life was like a few centuries ago. You will certainly appreciate the architecture, history, and culture from the England countryside. Cheers!