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Airbnb That's One of the 'Oldest Houses in Cape Cod' Is Like Stepping Back in Time

There's just so much history in this house.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing an Airbnb instead of a hotel while traveling. You usually get more space, access to things like a kitchen and more than one bathroom, and you get to experience the city you're visiting more similarly to the perspective of the locals. There are also some really cool Airbnbs out there that offer experiences we could never get from a hotel, if you're lucky! 

That includes an Airbnb in Cape Cod that's considered one of the oldest houses in the area. On TikTok, @noelledowning shared clips of the house, and it truly does seem like staying there is like getting to visit the past.

In her caption, she described it as "dreamy," and after seeing the footage, we have to agree. Everything in this house looks steeped in history, from the architecture to the design of the rooms themselves. And then, there's that outdoor shower — so cool! This would be the perfect place to totally unplug from technology and reset our brains for a weekend.

This house has been making headlines for awhile now. According to an interior design blog, the house was built in the 1600s, and includes perks like a private dock and being walkable to restaurants and shops. 

If you're ready to book your own weekend in this historic house, here's the Airbnb link with even more pictures of this gorgeous home. Instead of just staying for a few days, can we just move in permanently?