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Woman's Video of 'Oktoberfest' Celebration in Munich Is Everything We Hoped for and More

Beer drinkers and good-time lovers the world over can appreciate the festivity and feasting of Oktoberfest, a German festival tradition that has spread across the globe. Oktoberfest attendees can dine on choice brews and deliciously unhealthy cuisine while riding carnival rides and enjoying live music. Of course, no one does Oktoberfest better than the community that began this tradition in Munich, Germany.

Since 1810, Oktoberfest has been celebrated with splendor and fun in Munich. TikTok user @annaliagutz got to attend Oktoberfest there and needless to say, it looks like a BLAST!

That place is BUMPING! Of course, being the birthplace of Oktoberfest, it's no surprise that Munich's festival is particularly packed. Just look at all those beer steins moving across the screen- we know next morning's recovery would be filled with sports drink and ibuprofen, but it'd be so worth it. And of course, what would Oktoberfest be without attendees wearing their traditional Bavarian outfits? Classic meets modern, Munich's Oktoberfest looks like the party of a lifetime.

"Ugh I'm in Frankfurt and want to go so bad but don’t know anyone to go with 😓," said @allieee31. Heads up to anyone else in Frankfurt looking for an Oktoberfest buddy! Even if you can't find a companion, though, this experience looks like a blast for even the solo traveler, and many are excited. "Honestly the most fun I’ve had in Europe!" recommended @kaylinanddobby. "Dude it was LITTTT," agreed @jennaliston.

Many who had their previous Oktoberfest plans thrown off by the pandemic were excited to finally get their chance. "TODAY IS MY DAY. After waiting three years. Can hardly wait! 😍🍺" cheered @kteisterhold. To that we say, Cheers!- or rather, Prost!

For fun, food, and obscene amounts of beer, nothing beats Munich's Oktoberfest.

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