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This Stunning City in Mexico Is Ranked 'Most Beautiful' by 'Travel and Leisure'

If you're a travel enthusiast and love to visit top-rated destinations, you must add this to the top of your 'bucket list'. Voted the most beautiful city in the world by Travel and Leisure, this hot spot boasts the most beautiful beaches, brilliant scenery, vibrant culture, art, history, picturesque weather, luxury accommodations, world-class cuisine, iconic architecture, hiking, and a slew of activities. Need we say more?

TikTok video creator @elisolanotravels shares just a sliver of what this fabulous city has to offer. Can you guess the landing place? You'll be online in minutes booking your trip!

Welcome to Oaxaca, MexicoTravel and Leisure magazine has recently named Oaxaca the #1 City in the World, and deservingly so! Watch out, we're pretty certain you'll fall in love with Oaxaca, and you just might change your zip code and call this place home! 

TikTok fans absolutely agree with this award! User @beansfrijolito writes, "I agree, I was there for the first time and I was blown away. Viva Mexico!" Another comment from @globalcitizenmonica say,s "I haven’t been to every city in the world, but I’ve been to OAX twice & it’s beautiful, lots of culture, amazing gastronomy. Going back some day." We're adding this to the top of our 'must visit' list like NOW! User @ramses43v3r states, "My beloved Oaxaca!! Where there is culture there is no violence. Undiscovered paradise!" Awwww, we hope it remains this way forever, too.

Our beautiful world is home to SO many wonderful attractions. Mother Nature sure did waive her magic wand when creating this special and unique place called Oaxaca. We sure hope everyone gets there at least once in a lifetime!