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Man’s ’Number One Cruise Tip’ Is Being Met With Mixed Opinions

Cruise hacks have been all the hype recently because, face it, we all love a good cruise vacation. But there are certainly some insider tips and tricks that can make the experience that much better. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @joe_tolley he shares his best piece of advice for when he goes on a cruise. Many are questioning the practicality and the true need for this so called hack, however. This “number one tip” of his is certainly creating quite the buzz! 

Yep! Don’t use the cramped shower in your cabin, but go to the spa and use the one there instead! Pretty ingenious if you have access to the cruise’s spa. However, some of the commenters are arguing about whether the showers in the spas are accessible to all cruise goers. One comment by @danaeaster6 said, “If it’s in the spa don’t you have to pay extra for spa access or you can purchase a spa balcony ,which comes with access to the spa?” To which the video’s user replied, “Not usually. You will with the more upscale thermal spa areas though. But there’s still the showers and at least a sauna, usually.”

The controversy surrounding this tip isn’t so much about the practicality rather why this user was filming in the public showers. What if there was someone in the bathroom? @mansonly08 added “It’s probably empty because people keep filming TikToks in there.”Yikes! 

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