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Video of Tiny 'Norweigan Cruise Line' Cabin Geared for Solo Travelers Is Pretty Cool

While cruises can be relaxing, fun, and a bit adventurous, cruise liners aren't exactly known for their spacious accommodations. Unless you're willing to shell out a couple thousand extra for an extra-large suite, chances are your cabin will be a bit on the small side. That's not too much of a problem, though, as people typically spend most of their time on cruises exploring the ship or taking trips on land during stops, not cooped up in the cabin.

If you're a solo traveler on a budget, and you don't mind snug accommodations, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a super-small mini cabin option. Tiktok user @lalidoloca chose this option on his recent excursion on a Norwegian cruise, and shows us what his room looked like in this video. It's only 99 square feet, but the cabin makes good, efficient use of its limited space!

Wow... that cabin is a tight squeeze! Despite the small space though, the cabin manages to fit a full sized bed, a closet, an office space, and full bathroom amenities- everything the cruise traveler needs to turn in for the night after a day of chilling out and partying!

Fellow solo travelers in the comments were enthralled with this room option. User @tiktuckett said "What more do you need as a solo traveler. Great idea from NCL, their competition should follow suit." User @blove83 referenced her own experience using the solo cabin: "Did solo cabin twice on the getaway and it was the perfect size. I was barley there."

While seasoned solo travelers commented favorably on the room in general, a few commenters had critiques. One user commented, "Looks like solitary confinement. No window!!" Another user, @jessicalbell, remarked: "If it had a tiny balcony, maybe I could do that. 😂."

What do you think? Would you choose this option if taking a solo cruise trip, or would the tight space and lack of a window or balcony make you pass on it? It's definitely something to consider the next time you look at a Norwegian Cruise Lines vacation!

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