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Woman Stays Alone in Farmhouse on Abandoned 'Plague Island' in Norway and It's So Creepy

Not sure we'd be brave enough to do this.

Everyone travels differently, including those of us who are looking for a bit more of a "spooky" experience when we visit new places. After all, there's a reason that haunted tours are so popular. However, this is a bit beyond hoping to see ghosts — in fact, one woman on TikTok is making a trip out of an experience that many of us would probably avoid forever!

On TikTok, @lusekoftaa is sharing her experience staying on an "abandoned plague island" in Norway by herself for 24 hours, which is a bit creepy to say the least. According to her video, the island was once owned by a count, and in the 1850s, a fisherman built the farmhouse for his family and then abandoned it. 

Eventually, the island became a place where Soviet prisoners with deadly diseases were sent to keep them quarantined from everyone else, leading to mass graves all over the island.

The farmhouse itself looks pretty normal in the tour that she gave, given that it was restored In the early 2000s, and as she shared in the video, she wasn't just staying alone in the house — she was the only one on the whole island, too.

She's shared the story of her stay in several parts, and it's so fascinating that we wish there was even more we could watch! Unsurprisingly, she didn't get much sleep while she was on the island. Who would have guessed?! 

One thing is for sure: This traveler is so brave to stay here alone. This is an experience she'll never forget.