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Footage of the Northern Lights in Finland Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

We often hear a lot about the unearthly beauty of Aurora Borealis, aka "the Northern Lights", but unless you live in a high enough latitude to see them seasonally, chances are you've only witnessed them through pictures. Their beauty is unmatched, and making a trip to see them in person is a goal on many people's travel bucket lists- ours included. 

This mind-blowing footage of the Northern Lights in Northern Finland, captured by photographer @pauledouardbuyck, has only strengthened our resolve to see them. To say they're breathtaking is an understatement.  

Without a doubt, this has to be the clearest, most brilliant, and most impressive footage of the Northern Lights we've ever seen. We couldn't believe how quickly they ripple and spread across the sky- and for a moment, we really didn't! We thought it was a trick of editing. But no- "Not edited and real speed (to give you a full immersion into this reality)," Paul adds in the description. Our jaws were on the floor. We really have never seen anything like this, at least not so perfectly captured. It's just breathtakingly, heart-achingly beautiful.

Paul's awe-inspiring video enraptured his other viewers as well. "I live far north; we get long dark frigid winters, but the lights make it all worth it," remarked @finnyfarm. "Wow, I never knew they moved like that," said @_mrs.bryan2.0_. "For some reason this made me cry my eyes out. So beautiful," shared an awestruck @aliseel88. "You know the feeling when something is so beautiful it hurts deep down in your heart? That's why I love nature," expressed @samhainhexe. 

"As a northerner who lives in northern Norway, and has experienced this every winter, I forget that this is special for other people," remarked @keslot74. "I live in Finland, but it has never stopped to amaze me when the northern lights are strong like this," Paul replied.

Whenever we see stuff like this, we take it as both a humbling reminder of how small we really are in the universe, and a joyful celebration of how beautiful that universe can be. Paul did an incredible job capturing the almost heavenly aura of the Northern Lights for those of us who live too far south to see them. This video has us inspired to travel north and someday view them with our own eyes- such beauty cannot be missed.

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