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TikTok Parody of People Mis-Pronouncing North Carolina Towns Is Too Funny

Home to hip, fast-growing modern cities like Charlotte, trendy and progressive vacation destinations like Asheville, and tons of charming small towns, North Carolina is a place that has a little something for everyone. It's also home to tons of cities and towns with quirky names that often trip up newcomers. 

North Carolina native Kerry Burns, or @northcarolinakerry on TikTok, typically shares facts about his home state. In this video, though, he hilariously parodies the many people who frequently fumble the pronounciation of North Carolina town names.

LMAO! Kerry seriously nailed it with this one. People really do often struggle with pronounciation when it comes to many of North Carolina's locations. That second one was ESPECIALLY a misstep, LOL (for those confused, it's actually pronounced "Fyoo-kway Vuh-reen-ah"). Some of these aren't even that strange, though... who knew so many people struggled with "Durham"?

The video seriously hit home to many fellow North Carolinians, who shared some of the hilarious mispronounciations they've encountered.  "But can we talk about how many people say “Mee-bane” instead of Mebane," shouted out @hollynjohnson3. "Rutherfordton aka *Rulfton*" @cash_monty added. "Conetoe... North Carolinian: Co-Nea-Ta. Others:Cone-Toe," @averagejoelambo responded. LOL!

"Please please Catawba…  I’ve heard it multiple times pronounced as CAT-AH-WAB-AH," laughed @dimeybailey. "I can't believe how many people say Dur-HAM," chuckled a bemused @missbonniemcsquirrely. 

If you've been guilty of butchering a North Carolina town/city name before, don't be too hard on yourself over it. A lot of times there are very specific regional pronounciations at play that won't be immediately intuitive to non-locals, and it's easy to miss the mark sometimes. That said, if you're talking with a North Carolinian and they start shaking their head when you mention a place, you might want to ask for clarification. And for the love of Pete... it's "Durum," not "Dur-HAM!"

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