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Hotel in Upstate New York That Has a Vintage Bowling Alley Is Just So Charming

Taking a trip to upstate New York sometime soon? If so, we'd love to recommend a charming and vintage boutique hotel that you won't want to miss.

Near the tiny upstate New York hamlet of Calicoon, right near the Delaware River and the Pennsylvania border, is the North Branch Inn. With a vintage late 19th- early 20th century appearance and gorgeous grounds surrounding it, this charming inn makes for a relaxing stay- and it has other surprises in store as well, as TikTok user @austasc found out while staying there with her partner.

Ah yes, the best part- if you get bored, this inn has its own vintage bowling alley! We'd honestly love to see the place in winter- it's so cozy-looking inside and out, and we could see a long winter evening getting wiled away by bowling with your friends in their bowling alley.

Needless to say, we weren't the only one charmed by the North Branch Inn. "This place looks amazing 🥰," admired @dexinthecity. "So cuuute," said @gilliehouston. "Reminds me of an episode of Marvelous Mrs Maisel," remarked @metropolitanisms.

With all of that said, we do have to admit that their bowling alley did remind us of a certain movie. We didn't want to be the first ones to say it, but... "This looks like the bowling alley from There Will be Blood 😏," observed @cynthiatorres863. "You gotta try the milkshake here," joked another user! LOL! Let's hope things stay more peaceful at this bowling alley than the one from the film!

All jokes aside, though, we really did fall in love with the inn's quaint charms. Consider booking a stay at the North Branch Inn if you plan on passing through that part of upstate New York!