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Man's 'Nightmare' Room at a Hostel in Alaska Has People Laughing Out Loud

Ah, hostels. While the good ones can be an incredible resource for thrifty travelers and backpackers, with the not-so-good hostels, you can get an experience that's way rougher than you expected. After watching this video, we'll never let somebody else book a room for us.

TikTok user @livingoffgridalaska had a stay booked for him at Sven's Basecamp Hostel in Fairbanks, Alaska. Arriving late at night, he thought he would be greeted with a nice warm cabin- what he actually got was much different.

This is a total nightmare. Why is that even an option there? It seems really cheap to throw in a literal tent as a listing among the cabins. Compounded with the constant traffic noise, airplanes, police sirens, and freezing rain, this sounds like pretty much the worst hostel stay we've seen outside of an Eli Roth flick.

"😂 I’m laughing with you. I hope? 😂" chuckled @peeliesnpetals. "It was awesome, who makes a video about Motel 6," @livingoffgridalaska laughed back. We're glad that he has a good sense of humor about the whole thing- we would probably be considerably more grumpy. Of course, camping out in a tent can be fun- but only when you're expecting it. "If this was more primitive it would be really cool but since it’s near Fairbanks …nightmare lol," said @appalachianoffgrid. Exactly- tents and traffic noises don't mix.

Hey, this is just a good lesson for other travelers- if someone else is booking accommodations for you, have them give you the details so you can double-check it before they finalize it. Otherwise, you might never know what you'll get!