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Idaho Night Club That Has a Bar in the Ladies' Bathroom Is the Place to Party

We'd just hang out in there all night.

Going to the club isn't for everyone, and even those who love a night out on the dance floor can get overwhelmed by all the activity and noise on a particularly crowded night. That means that many of us ladies end up seeking refuge in the bathroom, but even then, there can be really long lines... though one night club out there seems to have solved this problem in the best way possible.

On TikTok, @lys_phx shared a glimpse at a night club in downtown Boise, Idaho that has one seriously cool amenity that we've never seen before: a bar in the ladies' room. No, for real — right there in the bathroom next to the sinks there's a window you can walk up to and order a drink, and at the time the video was filmed, there was no line. Probably not the case for the bars out in the main area of the club! 

Need a bathroom break, a drink, and a few minutes to recover from dancing with relative privacy? This restroom really has it all — and we even see some couches to sit down and relax on, too. This is the dream! 

Many people in the comments pointed out that this is the ideal space for a bar because there aren't any men present and the likelihood of anyone spiking your drink goes way down. Good points!

"That would be the bar for me. The main bar would just be something I’d pass when I leave," one commenter joked. 

If only all restrooms had bars in them. We'd probably never come out.