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Solo Traveler Shares Her Top Things to Do in New Zealand

New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it's named in Maori, is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Surrounding by the vast Pacific Ocean, with incredible diversity in its ecosystems, flora, and fauna, and with the rich indigenous Maori culture that has been part of the land for centuries, New Zealand is a stunning land unlike any other in the world. 

Solo travel influencer @_footluce loves New Zealand herself. She shared her top things for visitors to do when visiting Aotearoa, and it has us ready to pack our bags!

This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Of course, what Lord of the Rings fan traveling to New Zealand would dare miss a trip to Hobbiton? Even if you're not a Tolkien fan like @_footluce is, there's still so much wonder and whimsy to enjoy exploring the fantasy town! We loved how outdoorsy everything she did was: white water rafting, hiking up mountains, visiting beaches, and so on. There's so much incredible nature and culture in New Zealand that you don't want to miss. We'd be dying to check out what else Queenstown has too, in addition to hair-rising bungee jumping and "Fergburgers".

There was one critique that some New Zealanders had, though- namely, her referring to the name of her favorite spot as Mt. Cook National Park. Because of the legacy of colonialism behind that name, many New Zealanders are trying to phase that name out for its original Maori name. "Mt Cook’s better name is Aoraki," @bbrhi kindly corrected. It's listed as Aoraki first on Google, too, so we imagine that's the preferred name for referring to the mountain- best to keep in mind if you plan on a visit.

People loved her inspiring New Zealand travel tips overall! "I made that exact same face in all my Hobbiton pictures," said @mandawilk, chuckling at @_footluce's beaming, overjoyed expressions. "Omggg I'm going to NZ with the WH too! I'll definitely be aware on your tipsss," chimed in @_elojoquetodolove_. "I'm so buzzing to finally move there!" exclaimed @crimmping.

This has us dying for a trip to New Zealand ourselves! When we do get to go, thanks to videos like @_footluce's, we know we'll never run out of ideas there!

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