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Woman's Video of Stepdad Telling Her How to Behave in Italy Is Cracking People Up

We'd expect nothing less from a New Yorker dad.

No matter how old we get, dads usually act the same on vacation. They're up at the crack of dawn (and want us to be up, too), they're always trying to lead the pack, and they get a bit... bossy.

If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading, because @lexidisc0 has provided us with the perfect example of Vacation Dad in action. While she was on vacation in Italy with her stepdad, he started telling everyone how they needed to behave since they were in a "fancy" place, and this man is every bit a New Yorker, right down to the accent.

"Do not embarrass me, do not make a scene, do not curse. This is a fancy place. You guys aren't used to this, I know," he says in the video. 

Barking out orders and throwing out a little jab about not being sophisticated enough all at the same time? Yep, that's a Vacation Dad milestone for sure. It only gets better when we realized that the original poster clarified in the comments that everyone on the trip is in their 30s — it's not like he was talking to teenagers or even rowdy kids in their early 20s! 

We'd probably listen to him if we were on that trip... but we'd absolutely make fun of him for trying to control the situation at the same time. Sorry, Dad.

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