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New Yorker Busts Common Myths Tourists Believe About the Big Apple

If you've ever heard non-New Yorkers talk about New York City, you've probably heard some crazy things. People say it's riddled with crime, the people there are all jerks, you can't ride the subways because they're unsafe, etc. But how much of that is really true, and what needs to be taken with a grain of salt?

Travel vlogger and New Yorker Mark Wolters (of @woltersworld on TikTok) is sick of these stereotypes. He took to TikTok to bust some of the biggest myths tourists have about the Big Apple.

Heck yeah, Mark, tell it like it is! A lot of people spread common stereotypes like these about the city and its people, and have for a very long time. We're glad to see them get some serious pushback, because the reality is that New York City is a fantastic place. It has its issues, just like anywhere else in the world, but if you do your research, plan accordingly, and don't take up a lot of space walking slowly on the sidewalk (lol, but seriously), you're likely gonna have a safe, fun, and memorable experience as a visitor!

Both tourists and lifelong New Yorkers alike came to the comments to affirm Mark's rebuttals. "Bless you for this video. I’ve lived in NYC my entire 62 years and I love it here," thanked @gdretired. "Soooo true!!!! I walked all over NYC by myself for a whole week—was totally safe, people were so kind and friendly, sooo much fun!!!!" shared @bonnielfrank. "Born and raised, never once got mugged or robbed," affirmed @n.a.thetrainguy.

Tourists even shared examples of specific acts of kindness from New Yorkers they encountered!

"First 2 times I went to NYC in ‘96, I walked around Manhattan as if I knew where I was going. Empire State bldg, Broadway, W 47th, Columbus Cr, rode the subway. Friends warned me of rude NYers. NOT true. On my way to GC Station (w/my suitcase), tons of NYers opened doors 4 me," reminisced @arthurdecko. "I lost my wallet twice in New York and got it returned to me. New Yorkers are cool," shared @sailorgalaxias.

Don't let these negative myths keep you from going on the NYC trip of your dreams. Use common sense, be courteous, and avoid stuff that's obviously sketchy (like character scammers and empty train cars), and you'll have fun experiencing all that the Big Apple has to offer!

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