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Creepy New York City Skyscraper With No Windows Certainly Has People Guessing

There are many buildings that have some pretty impressive architecture in New York City. From art deco masterpieces, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, to more modern places like the Guggenheim museum, there are structures to marvel at around every corner. But one building, in particular, is truly piquing people’s curiosity levels.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @arielviera, a skyscraper in NYC that has no window is showcased. Honestly, we had to do a double take upon seeing the clip. The entire building really does have exactly ZERO windows. With security cameras all around the outside, it’s pretty creepy, to say the least. The video creator asks, “What’s hiding inside?” And we’re wondering the exact same thing. Get a load of this place.

Um, can you even imagine being inside that tall building with no way to look out? It’s like one big, giant bat cave, or something. Not surprisingly, TikTok users couldn’t wait to make their guesses about what sorts of secrets are hiding inside. @ChucklesShep joked, “That’s where the Matrix servers are.” Another commenter, @chefzilla11490 had another thought, saying, “That’s the Men in Black building.” HA! Could be. And @amraoc added, “In Chicago, we have a similar looking building. It’s a jail.” 

But perhaps the comment of the day goes to @51p09, who said, “No windows? Mac OS hiding there.” LOL! Good one! 

Of course, a few people spoiled all the fun by chiming in with what this building (supposedly) actually is hiding. @mapesyrup spilled the beans with, “Someone doesn’t use Google 🥰, it’s AT&T’s building. It’s to protect cables and tech. It would survive nuclear fallout. Ugh. Seriously?! That makes total sense, but we have to admit it’s not nearly as exciting as the idea of some sort of secret society or agency hiding inside.

Granted, this is New York City we’re talking about, so something tells us there are probably plenty of buildings people pass by on a daily basis that contain their fair share of secrets. Whether we’ll ever know about them remains to be seen.