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New Train Travel Experience in Switzerland Looks Like a Dream Come True

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Traveling by train has not always been described as luxurious, extraordinary, and epic, until now! A new experience has launched in Switzerland that has us all dreaming of being a passenger. These tourist-oriented trains provide journeys that are the ultimate train rides. You're immersed in comfortable accommodations, have panoramic glass dome windows views, and you enjoy 360 degrees of spectacular mountains and landscape scenery.

We'll take two tickets, please! TikTok content creator @jasminea.decker shares this fabulous footage of this new and super cool way to travel across Switzerland. Seriously, wow, this truly looks awesome! Which route will be your first choice? 

The GoldenPass Express has modern trains with unique and comfortable features that even the pickiest of travelers will love. The panoramic windows will allow you to see and experience all of Mother Nature's glorious creations in Switzerland. Simply breathtaking! Food and drink service is also available for an extra charge. All of your creature comforts will be met while you are making memories of a lifetime.

TikTok viewers give a 'double thumbs up' on this new way of travel and want to hop on board asap! Commenter @cerisespieces writes, "Oh wow, let me book this!" Yes, we are totally 'down' for this too! Fan @veronicaphilip5 says, "Wow!! Added to bucket list." User @curvygurl03 comments, "I need to experience this." After seeing the clip, we're all pretty much thinking the exact same thing.

The GoldenPass train sure looks like an unbelievable way to see and experience the gorgeous countryside. It's a one-of-a-kind and distinct excursion to take in all the sights without distractions of the outside elements. Kick back and enjoy! 

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