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Man Rips New 'Royal Caribbean' Ship to Shreds and People Are Here for It

Cruising isn't for everybody. Sure, many people love the luxurious experience of being in a resort at sea. However, many also despise its drawbacks: sanitation and hygiene issues, cruising's negative environmental impact, unethical treatment of staff- and just how crowded and overwhelming they can be!

Royal Carribean's brand-new ship, the Icon of the Seas, has been going viral as the biggest cruise ship in the world. However, the over-the-top vessel has disturbed more than delighted some, and one such person, bestselling author @jameskpargin, minced no words tearing it to shreds!

Well- yeah, we can see what he means. Even a lot of people who generally enjoy cruising agree that this vessel is just... way too extra. Jason's cutting wit, with the biting edge of the satirical humor present in his written work, cuts this cruise ship to pieces. "Floating anxiety" is an apt way to describe it!

Jason isn't the only one roasting this ship. The ship has been stirring up controversial debate all over the web right now, and viewers came to cook it in the comments too. "It's giving Polly Pocket hotel," zinged @femerald. "It's a 70s disaster movie in the making," observed @joedominion warily. "It invokes ZERO thoughts of relaxation," critiqued @supergrover.1- exactly! It's just too... busy!

People's concerns about the cruise liner went beyond just aesthetics, though. "Too many people. I don’t want an 8000 passenger cruise. That sounds not fun at all," said @eesgreene. "Stuck, in a packed amusement park, with hr long lines for every ride, dinner table, bathroom, and you can’t leave… and the $ is pouring out ur wallet," @chrisdecato remarked. "It’s an icon, all right. An icon of mankind’s hubris," @veebydeeby cut to the chase.

We're sure there are plenty of major cruise fans that are still drawn to Icon of the Seas, and will be lining up in port for its maiden voyage in early 2024. Speaking for ourselves, though (and, evidently, for a bunch of other people online), we'd prefer something just a bit more low-key!

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