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Video of Unique 'Bridge Walk' at 'New River Gorge National Park' Isn't for the Faint of Heart

One of the coolest parts of following travel TikTok is that you get to see some amazing hikes and walking paths from all around the world However, if you've got a fear of heights, you really might want to stay clear of this video!

Connor and Morgan, aka @thenationalparktravelers on TikTok, have walked their fair share of hikes all over the globe. However, for our American readers, their most recent hike was much closer to home- West Virginia, to be exact. "Almost heaven, West Virginia" takes on a whole new meaning at the New River Gorge Bridge, a narrow walking bridge that is so high, it sits above some of the clouds! It's the third tallest bridge in America, and watching them walk across it is like watching a tightrope act!

Holy cow, that is nerve-wracking! We would not have been able to brave the look down- not even to get the cool camera shots they did. The bridge is not for casual pedestrians, though- as they explain in the video's description, "This walk is only done through a guided tour which you can purchase tickets at"

Of course, other safety precautions were taken as well. "Were you clipped in?" asked @natty5340. "Yes!" they responded- phew, what a relief. We don't trust how narrow that bridge is!

As terrifying as the bridge is, for those that can handle the heights, it offers an incredible view of the surrounding countryside, and thrill seekers may even enjoy the challenge of crossing it. "I love the gorge… had no idea you could walk the bridge like that 😳" marveled @adammccahill. "Just did this recently and lemme tell you it was incredibly terrifying and awesome!" exclaimed another user. "Did this walk it even though i was terrified 😅," @iggywanders shared. Hey, doing something cool while facing your fears is amazing- you rock, Iggy!

Luckily, the walk isn't a long one. User @juliad1998 asked "How long is the walk?" to which the video's creator replied, "Takes about 1.5 hours with stopping to talk and take pictures." Not bad in terms of length- but it's likely one of the most terrifying 90 minutes you'll ever experience!