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Comparison of New 'Carnival' Cruise Ship vs. 16-Year-Old Boat Is Wild

Let's just say they've come a long way.

If you haven't been on a cruise in the past five or 10 years, it's probably safe to say that whatever idea you have of cruising is probably already outdated. It seems like new developments are definitely moving quickly in this industry, especially with how often new cruise ships are joining existing fleets. It's amazing to see what floats these days! 

For example: Carnival Cruise Line often gets a bad rap for the ways it can be "budget-friendly," but after seeing their new ships, it seems like they definitely don't deserve that reputation. In a TikTok video, cruise fans @raley_creative compared a new Carnival ship to one that's been sailing for 16 years, and the differences are stark

The two ships were docked side by side, and though we didn't get to see what either of them look like on the inside of the video, the contrast between the two ships just from the outside is huge. On the left, we have the Carnival Freedom, which is 16 years older than the one on the right, the Carnival Celebration, which first began sailing a few months ago in November 2022. 

We can only imagine how different these ships look on the inside — and how different the offerings must be for each. 

Though some people in the comments still took the opportunity to talk about how much they don't like sailing with Carnivals, others shared the plans they have to sail on the ships — including one traveler who will be on each one later this year. In fact, one fellow cruise enthusiast even shared that they "100% recommend" sailing on the Celebration.

If you haven't cruised with Carnival in awhile, the new ship might just be worth checking out.