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'Flight to Neverland' at Austin Airport Makes Our Childhood Dreams Come True

For people who never want to grow up!

Take it from just about any adult out there: Growing up is seriously overrated. The older we get, the more that living life like Peter Pan seems like the way to go. Off to Neverland to be a kid forever? It sounds like a dream, but one airport in Texas is really going the extra mile to let people experience what that might be like themselves. 

Thanks to traveler @kimberlycobb_ on TikTok, we now know that those flying out of the Austin airport can visit a portal that lets them go to Neverland instead of their original destination. This is so cool! 

You really do have to see it to understand how awesome this is.

After going through the portal doors, those hoping to go to Neverland will have to answer a series of strange and unusual (but fun) questions, all which lead to a boarding pass to Neverland that can be sent to your phone via a QR code — how cool is that? 

So many people were in awe of the activity, especially those who had traveled through Austin before and didn't even know that the portal existed! 

"I now have another reason to fly to Texas," said one commenter, while another joked, "I never knew about this. Guess it's because I'm always late for my flights." 

Well, this is one good reason to start showing up early!  

Going to the airport can be stressful, chaotic, and in the case of flight delays, really boring... but experiences like this totally make up for it. Can we have these portals in every airport, please? 

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