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'Secret' RV Community on an Island in Florida Is a Total Hidden Gem

Having an RV can be really fun if you like having a flexible lifestyle- sick of where you're staying right now? Pack into your RV and drive to a whole different place to switch up your scene!

If you're curious about different places you can go to with your RV, @baileygoesoutside has you covered. Bailey is a full-time RV living influencer, and he's here today to highlight Nettles Island. A small RV community on the eastern coast of Florida, you can stay here for only $800 a month! Let's hear what Bailey has to say about this hidden gem:

$800 a month for a spot on the coast in Florida, with all those amenities, is insane. And while the community itself may not look the most glamorous, it's only about an hour away from West Palm Beach, with quiet spots on the coastline a short drive away as well. We could get used to a place like that! That said, keep in mind that it's $800 for the off-season prices- during "snowbird season" when tourists from the north come down to winter in Florida, these prices are likely to go up. 

"Nettles island. Lived there on a sailboat. Tell Ray I said hi," reminisced @i_purcell. "That place is right by me i go to Jensen Beach all the time and live in PSL didnt even know that was there," admitted @jaywoods1980. Sounds like this place really is a hidden gem!

Of course, with it being a hidden gem, many didn't want the secret getting out! "Maybe keep it a hidden gem?" suggested @mcmars420. "Shhh!! 🤫🤫🤫🤫 we don’t need any more here!" pleaded @traphausqueen.

OK, guess we better hope that the word doesn't spread *too* much. Still, if you love RV life and need a Florida trip, check out Nettles Island!

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