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Video of 'Hidden' Lesser-Known Beach Town in Florida Looks Like the Perfect Getaway Spot

FInding the perfect spot for a beach getaway can be deceptively tricky- it's tough finding spots that aren't crowded and overwhelmed with tourists. Beach towns like Myrtle Beach and Panama City Beach are well-known, but they're also often dirty and overcrowded- not ideal for a relaxing and scenic beach vacation. More and more, people are on the lookout for those special "hidden gem" places. 

Beach-loving TikTok user @brittanyroseblog found her hidden gem in Navarre Beach, FL. Nestled between the better-known beach towns of Pensacola and Destin, Navarre is a small city the Florida Panhandle with a beach community that is a perfect spot for beachgoers. Brittany's video makes it look absolutely perfect. 

This is dreamy. The waters are so crystal clear- that shot she got of the dolphin swimming was amazing! We'd love to row out on one of those glow-in-the-dark kayaks as well! This is definitely a gem of a spot for a perfect beach vacation.

Navarre Beach is a favorite to locals and visitors alike. "I lived there 🥰 it’s a beautiful area," shared @hlbrgjoshua. "So happy it’s part of my backyard. It’s gorgeous on our Gulf Coast," praised @gemigirl13. "We ❤️Navarre Beach!" commented the Navarre Beach Area Chamber's TikTok account... admittedly, they might be a little biased!

"My little family can't wait to go back! we loved it and my son will be with us next time and it will be his first beach trip. 🥰" said @blondebabeee94. Aw!!!

Understandably, however, some locals did not want their town's secret getting out! "Don’t tell people about it!!!!! It’s our hidden gem!" pleaded @datsmycoco. "It’s not hidden anymore. It used to be such a quiet, beautiful place. Now it’s getting to where it’s as crowded as Destin," lamented @melissaakamom3.

Sadly, that's the problem with most hidden gems- they typically don't stay hidden forever. However, Navarre and the Navarre Beach community are still relatively lesser-known compared to many other Florida Panhandle beach towns and if you plan your vacation right, such as going there in the off-season, you can still enjoy a refreshing, relaxing beachy getaway!

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