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Sleepover at the 'Natural History Museum' in London Is a History Buff's Dream

Natural history museums spark the intellects and curiosity of visitors young and old. There's something almost magical in their grandeur, and if you loved watching Night at The Museum growing up, you probably wished you could have the museum to yourself after hours- just to see what would happen.

While their exhibits may not literally come alive (as far as we know), London's Natural History Museum is giving some visitors the next best thing. TikTok travel vlogger @london_xploring stayed the night at the Natural History Museum for their "Dinosnores" sleepover! 

Now this is a natural history buff's dream come true! No pushing through crowds of tourists and field trips to peep a good view of the exhibits- you and you fellow slumber-partiers get free run of the museum until 3 am. This experience is intellectually engaging without feeling stuffy, with live animal exhibits and midnight lectures with costumed speakers. 

And best of all, it's adults only with alcohol available for purchase, so you can get a little tipsy with it (as long as you're not too rambunctious... this is still a museum, after all). With all of this, plus a catered three-course dinner and Full English breakfast, how could we help being sold? This rocks!

For many commenters, this was a childhood dream come true, and people were honestly pretty moved by how amazing this all was. "I...I almost cried bc it's so beautiful. There's nothing I want to do more in this world..." expressed @4utistic_dr4gonboy. "Who remembers that episode of Arthur? This has been my dream ever since then!" cried @hool.en. 

"I'd love to, but I snore so bad, people would think the dinos had come back to life," joked @itsacatslife83. LOL,  just call it part of the immersive experience!

OK, so if you're like us and writing the Dinosnores sleepover onto your travel bucket list, how can you make it happen? This event is specific to the London Natural History Museum (although other museums may have similar programs), and they run their adult Dinosnores event several times a year. Tickets, information,  and more can be found here. Oh, and while this one's for the grownups, if you have kids you want to experience this, there are Dinosnores events for kids and families, too. Old or young, everyone can join in on the fun! 

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