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Video of 'Mystery Shower' in Iceland in the Middle of Nowhere Is Going Viral

Iceland is a place with a unique landscape featuring incredible things you can't find anywhere else on this earth. However, some of the idiosyncratic features you'll find aren't part of the natural landscape itself- they're manmade.

Logan Ivey, posting as @heckinsick on TikTok, makes wild and weird videos that are.... well, heckin' sick. In this video, he documents a true oddity- a mysterious outdoor hot water shower right in the middle of the wilderness in Iceland that is perpetually running.

This is so strange. Has nobody laid claim to this installation? Who put it there? Who updated it and removed the other features? We like that it uses geothermal power and hot water straight from the nearby hot springs to keep it flowing naturally, but installing it must have taken a bit of finesse... Still, its origins remain a mystery. It's no surprise that this intriguing video went viral with millions of views!

Logan probably should have converted his temperatures to Celcius, though, as the "100-degree water" statement had people freaking out. "100 degrees water??? Bestie why are u standing under it you'll be scalded," fretted @thebussyenby. "I sure hope that's 100 degrees Fahrenheit," worried @aroan8. It absolutely is: "Fahrenheit, for anyone confused, so around 37/38 degrees Celsius," clarified @chiidishkelsino. Still hot, but not melt-your-skin-off hot.

Back to the question of the shower's mysterious origins, however- the comments were full of speculation and jokes. "I'm sure it was the Vikings," claimed @devileye518. "Bjork's bathroom duhh," said @lc2033. If that's the case, get out and let Iceland's most iconic singer-songwriter have some privacy!

"Me on Sims 4 when I don't have enough money for walls," quipped @0at_milf_. "This is absolutely an SCP and you cannot convince me otherwise," stated @maximumfit, referring to the fictional foundation documenting paranormal oddities.

Everybody had jokes, but nobody had answers. Could we solve the mystery? Well... no. While there's plenty of info about the "Krafla Shower" and the nearby geothermal power station, so far there are no answers as to who installed these fixtures, whether it was the work of a conceptual artist or a group of pranksters. However it got there, the Krafla Shower is now a source of amusement for many and a tourist attraction. Perhaps some mysteries don't need to be solved- we can just enjoy them for what they are!

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