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NYC's 'Museum of Broadway' Is a Theater Kid's Dream

For theater students, musical lovers, and even those who secretly sing showtunes in the shower, the lights of Broadway represent the best of the best in musical theater. Whether you hope to go as a visitor or step on stage as a performer, Broadway is the dream for millions of people. The storied district has a long musical history that fascinates theater fans.

How better to take in that history, then, but with a visit to the brand-new Museum of Broadway?! TikTok influencer @tylerjosephellis takes us on a sneak-peek inside.

Spectacular! This places loks incredible, immersive, and comprehensive, highlighting some of the best shows to have ever graced Broadway's stages. We wouldn't have been able to keep it together on the Company display, either. Like, anything Sondheim? Yes, please, sign us up. The bathrooms being Urinetown themed cracked us up too- they really thought of everything! 

When we say the museum is brand new, we really do mean brand new- it just opened to the public last week. However, a few people have already paid a visit there- and if a museum could be eligible for a Tony, we'd say this one looks to be a shoe-in. "I LOVED IT!!! I HAD THE BEST TIME THERE," exclaimed @mariamybeloved.

Those who haven't seen it yet are already aspiring to visit on their next trip to NYC. "I’m crying this makes me so happy," @katpaidoussis cried. "Cabaret is featured!?!? LOVE IT," admired @themegatron1997. "Ok Company had me! See you there," declared @robviously6. 

Information, tickets, and more can be found at the Museum of Broadway's website here. Don't forget to check it out the next time you're in New York!

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