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Video Tour of 'MSC World Europa' Cruise Ship Is Something Else

There are a few cruise ship companies that consistently dominate the cruising conversation: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and- especially recently- Norwegian Cruise Lines, to name a few. Despite certain cruise line titans taking up a lot of publicity online, there are many cruise ship companies out there, some with especially brilliant gems of their own.

MSC Cruises may not be as well known as Carnival or Royal Caribbean, but they're a hit with many diehard frequent cruisers. Travel influencer @thecuriouspixie went on one of MSC's newer ships, the World Europa- and it's a real treat!

We're honestly kind of surprised we haven't heard more about this ship. After all, having the world's longest dry slide on a cruise ship is a pretty fun record-breaker! The sportsplex and waterpark look pretty fabulous too. Could we have been sleeping on a real hidden gem here? To be fair, this is a fairly new ship- it only launched last year. Maybe it just hasn't had time to build up real notoriety yet. We think this ship could become a true favorite for many cruisegoers, though!

The video's viewers were sold on it right away. "This looks like such a fun cruise boat," admired @melbtravel. "Wow this looks amazing!" @boutiqueadventurer agreed. "OMG that slide," said an astonished @sitzcuriousadventurz. Whether they were referring to the Venom Drop dry slide or the waterpark, we're not certain... but that's a valid reaction for either one!

From its waterparks to its speakeasies, the MSC World Europa is really something else. Don't forget to check it out the next time you're choosing a cruise vacation!

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