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Arizona Park Rangers Explain Exactly What to Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion on a Trail

While hiking is a great outdoor activity and often a very rewarding experience, smart hikers should always prepare well for long hikes and be well-versed on basic hiking safety tips, like what to do if you encounter a wild animal. After all, you're technically entering the animal's home!

Human encounters with mountain lions are rare, and attacks are even rarer. However, on the off chance a hiker does encounter a mountain lion on their expedition, it's important to know what to do in order to stay safe. The official @azstateparks released a very helpful video telling us what to do- and what NOT to do- if we encounter a mountain lion!

LOL! We love it when a video combines cute and informative. We also like that they managed people's fear about this scenario: mountain lion attacks are rare and so far none recorded in Arizona have been fatal. As long as hikers play it safe and follow these smart tips, hopefully we can keep it that way permanently! After all, mountain lions typically aren't looking to pick a fight with humans- they're just living their lives out in the wilderness they call home.

Of course, SOME people needed to be told more than once: don't try to pet the mountain lions! "'Don’t try to get the cat to come to you' me: slowly stops my pspspsps…" lamented @darkwingswildlife. "Wait.. What if I really really want to pet it? I mean I have my vaccinations and all," asked @coloradoadventuretime. No! "Look. when and if I get ate it'll be the way I wanna go: petting a big kitty," argued @betsylang. Don't do it!

Look... despite their use of the cuddly kitty toy, the second part of the video was evidence enough that these aren't the kind of cats you'd want to pet. If nothing else, remember @georgepeterson82's advice: "Thou shalt not boop the danger floof!"

The @azstateparks TikTok has tons of helpful advice on how to stay safe around all kinds of wildlife, not just mountain lions. These videos would be great to review before visting any Southwest state park!