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Hiker's Extremely Close Call With a Puma Is Downright Terrifying

Hikng encounters with mountain lions, aka pumas, are rare. However, that doesn't mean that they never happen. If you hike often enough in puma country, you're likely to see one at some point- and a close encounter can be a terrifying experience, to say the least.

Solo traveler Tara (@adventara_ on TikTok) has gone on many a solo hike without incident. However, her encounter with a mountain lion on a recent hike in Chile was way too close for comfort!

That's way too close of a call, much closer than we'd ever want to be to a puma! It almost seemed like the puma wasn't noticing her presence- up until the puma turned its head at the last second. Gulp. Obviously the puma must have carried on its merry way, as she was able to upload this video, but the video had us on edge nonetheless. Tara just says plainly in the description "I think I sh*t my pants." Honestly, can't say we blame her- although some took issue with her phrasing. "You missed the opportunity to say 'I pumad pants'," joked @piperandbrady. Har dee har... good one.

So, what would you do if you were in Tara's hiking boots? "Pretty sure my last words would be, “here kitty kitty”," joked @daryletheridge. "Stand there and cry," remarked @mb0210. "Be amazed and then slowly back away for at least 3 miles," @the_recombinant commented- honestly, that'd probably be the closest to our answer, too.

Of course, the fact that she was able to see the puma like this was actually a good thing... kinda. "Good news is that if it let you see it, it's not hungry & is not hunting you," replied @brandi.ragan. "I would be glad I saw the kitty as it’s usually the kitty that you don’t see that puts your lights out." remarked @markthemortgage. 

So what you're saying is, if a puma was actually stalking us, we'd never know it? We're not sure that that's any more comforting. As far as this situation goes, though, we're just glad Tara is ok!

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