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Woman's Encounter With Mountain Goat on Montana Trail Has Us in Awe

Generally, you're advised to leave the wildlife alone when traveling through a nature reserve or national park, and for good reason! People and wild animals should give each other their space- wild animals can become overly acclimated and get aggressive with tourists if too many people interact with them. This can make it all the more nervewracking when the wildlife decides it wants to get up close and personal with YOU!

However, what could have been a nervewracking encounter ended up making a serene scene for TikTok user @shannonsprouse2. On a hike through Glacier National Park in Montana, she had a close encounter with the goat kind! Lovingly captured in this video, the scene is almost dreamlike.

"It was crazy!" recounted @shannonsprouse2 in the comments. "We were just walking along the trail and he came out of nowhere! All we could do is stand against the rock wall while he passed!" A close encounter like this one is truly once in a lifetime. Normally mountain goats are very shy, but this one walked on past, totally unbothered! It almost feels like something out of a fairytale. Combined with the gorgeous scenery, it makes for a captivating moment.

People were amazed by this goat's casual behavior and the serenity he radiated. "Feels like a Studio Ghibli scene," remarked @jennyjenyen. "He’s like "scuse me miss have a nice one” hahaha," said @theashleysantoro.

There is something oddly majestic and wise about the goat, which others picked up on as well. "Looks like they have seen a few years up there 🌞 🌝 ✨," observed @campnettles76. "Looks like a wise old man," replied @shannonsprouse2. We see it. If this really was a fairytale, we could imagine him being the King of the Mountain in disguise!

We know that @shannonprouse2 will never forget this one-of-a-kind experience. We ourselves feel so lucky that she was able to capture the moment for us on video! Nature truly is a grand, majestic thing.

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