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Narrow Highway Right Near 'Mount Rushmore' Definitely Looks Like an Experience

Not the road for claustrophobes.

If you live in a more mountainous area of the country, you know how freaky winding roads can be. If something goes wrong, there are some doubts about how well guard rails are going to keep a car from tipping over the side, but now, a video has introduced us to a new driving fear. 

There's a very narrow road near Mount Rushmore called Needles Highway, and now, thanks to @crypt0dogg on TikTok, we can experience it without having to drive on it ourselves... because it looks like it would be a bad idea for anyone who's claustrophobic or who isn't a totally confident driver.

Cars drive through a tight tunnel that seems to be straight through a mountain, and there's not much room on either side of the vehicle you're riding in. You probably don't want to stick your arm out the window while driving through here! 

And among the many comments on the post was plenty of input from people who have driven on this highway before, with more than one saying that it's actually best to ride a motorcycle, not a car, through the highway for the best possible experience.

And even though it looks like it would be a tight fit for larger cars, more than one person claims to have driven an RV through there. Whoa! 

If you're planning a visit to Mount Rushmore and aren't freaked out by tight spaces, this might be worth checking out.

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