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Video Tour of One of the 'Most Preserved Tombs' in Egypt Has Us Captivated

Ancient Egyptian history is fascinating for many reasons, but perhaps the most iconic parts of it are the mummies and the fantastic pyramids and tombs built to house them. Sadly, many of these tombs were raided and mummies destroyed both by ancient tomb robbers and by careless explorers in the 19th century before conservation standards were set, so tragically, many once-beautiful tombs have been destroyed and lost to history. However, those tombs that do remain well-preserved are incredible pieces of history.

Perhaps one of, if not the, most well-preserved of Egypt's tombs is the Tomb of Sennefer, also known as the Tomb of the Vineyards. Despite existing for thousands of years, the tomb's many murals and decorations are as bright as ever. But don't take our word for it- TikTok user and world-traveler @kbad_ has provided an incredible video where you can see it for yourself.  

What a marvel! We are so happy that the tomb was found in excellent condition and preserved by historians. Every detail of the tomb is perfect, from the countless grape vines and colorful patterns overhead to the bright, detailed murals covering each wall. Stepping into this tomb, one steps back through thousands of years. It's truly amazing.

"Young me as a little Indiana Jones fan would have been ecstatic from this discovery," admired @ditsydoodletheclown. "I can just picture them using lanterns way back when 🏮," mused @discernment99, thinking back thousands of years. Here's the cool part though- they didn't actually use torches! "No torches! They were said to use crystals and mirrors to reflect the sunlight from outside," explained @kbad_. Truly, the ancient Egyptians were engineering masterminds.

"How did they do all that gorgeous painting????" wondered another user. "There’s actually a site nearby that shows how they ground up the flowers and fruits and other substances to make the paint," answered @kbad_. It's amazing that after millennia these natural paints still retained their color and vibrancy!

If you ever visit Egypt, the tomb of Sennefer is a must-see place for any history enthusiast!