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Woman's Video of the 'Most Magical Place in Florida' Is Not What We Expected

If we asked you to describe what you thought the "Most Magical Place In Florida" was, you'd probably say Disney World, right? That would seem to be the obvious answer, at least for most people. For one Florida woman though, the most magical place in Florida is something much, much different.

It's not far from Disney World, to be fair- just a bit over a half-hour's drive away. However, TikTok user @followmeaway's pick for the most magical place in Florida, King's Landing, has a wild natural magic all of its own, as this stunning video shows.

Gorgeous. The clarity of the spring water is unreal. As we watch her swim and canoe along the turquoise waters of King's Landing, we can grasp the magic that she feels there. What we wouldn't give to be there splashing along under the peaceful shade of the mangroves. To think that less than an hour's drive from some of the biggest tourist attractions in America, one can experience a serene and gorgeous little slice of nature.

"Orlando???? Lord. Florida is stunning," said @leifer30 as if in disbelief. Florida is stunning indeed... but as some of the commenters know, Florida springs are often home to certain scary wildlife. "What about the gators?😳," worried @kayleighhhlynnnn. "What’s the alligator situation there?" another user asked. No official word from the OP on the gator situation yet- but since it's a spring in Florida, we'd generally advise anyone visiting to be on the lookout.

However, the spring is well-regarded by other visitors. User @valeriejeweldoyle gave it a glowing recommendation: "We camped and kayaked there in July and it was amazing! Next door is Rock Kelly springs which is equally amazing and more kid-friendly too." Yet another beautiful Florida spring to check out in there too!

Disney World may be a magical place for many in Florida- and indeed, the whole world. However, let's not forget that the natural world has tons of magic in it too, and those that go seeking it will find themselves greatly rewarded.

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