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Video of One of the 'Most Haunted Roads' in New York Has Us Saying 'No Thanks'

Perhaps you've braved a visit to a haunted house or other location said to host paranormal events. Haunted buildings are popular with paranormal enthusiasts everywhere- just check out some of the many ghost tours you can find in cities all over the world. Visiting a haunted house is one thing- but you would be brave enough to drive along a haunted road?

Lover of all things spooky Weronika, aka @creepyhistoryclass on TikTok shares the story of Long Island's Mt. Misery road, said to be one of the most haunted roads in America. The name is chilling enough as is, and things only get weirder from there.

Spooky name? Check? Said to be a haunted area by the indigenous people of that place? Check. Stories of scary old mental asylums? A classic, check. Rumors of haunting hellbeasts with glowing red eyes? Again, check. This place ticks off all the classic paranormal boxes. Of course, these are all just stories and rumors... we hope.

Speaking of stories, did Weronika's viewers have any? Perhaps we can read some firsthand accounts of the mysterious happenings on Mt. Misery Road.

User @lozanotania__ had quite the story to share: "I went there years ago, as I am from Long Island with a group of friends at night & we were driving around In the car, story short when we left we ended up finding a huge handprint all the way in the back on the windows that didn’t even look like normal human handprints." Even random human handprints would be unnerving to discover on your car driving through the middle of nowhere... to say nothing of ones that aren't quite human!

"My mom was driving on Sweet Hollow Road with friends (which is next to Mt. Misery and also haunted). Her car stalled in front of the cemetery. Many others have reported their car randomly stalling in front of the cemetery on sweet hollow. A tow truck had to get them," shared @jordanschenker. "Coming from someone who lives 5 mins away. I have seen Mary. She wears a white dress," claimed @smashingpvmpkins.

OK, then... Note to self: If driving through Long Island, be sure to avoid Mt. Misery Road... just in case there's something to these stories!