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'Most Haunted Hotel' in New England Is Like Something Out of a Movie

Over the course of the Halloween season, travelogues documenting ultra-haunted hotels around America became very popular on TikTok. The hauntings at these hotels don't let up after Halloween, though (or at least so people claim...). They're a year-round event, and nowhere is this more true than at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire.

TikTok paranormal investigator @mybloodygalentine talks about a few of the many legends behind this New England hotel. There's a reason why the place has earned its stripes as the "Most Haunted Hotel in New England."

100 years of hauntings and still going strong- how's that for a reputation? We were especially intrigued by the idea of a phantom orchestra- we'd love to witness such a spectral performance. Despite the hotel's halls being haunted by spirits, though, the ghostly reputation hasn't seem to have negatively affected the hotel. It's still a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts and average tourists to New England alike.

As is always the case with these videos, these claims were supported by commenters who also claimed to have first-hand experience with some of Mount Washington's permanent residents. 

"I stayed there with a friend. I could feel something watching, & a chair moved in front of us," shared @chefjaason. "I did! Noises all night. Finally had to switch rooms," chimed in @jameway. Intriguing... could it be a coincidence, or is there somethng to these paranormal rumors?

Even for those who haven't had spooky experiences here, though, the hotel is still lovely. "I live in NH and have stayed here 10 times over the past 50 years. It has feel of history and it is a gorgeous hotel!" recommended @rweston03867.

The Mount Washington Hotel is a piece of New England history in its own right, and the spooky stories surrounding it are the cherry on top. It's a beautiful place to take in the timeless beauty of the New Hampshire countryside... just be aware that you might be sharing your suite with another, invisible guest!

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